Saturday, September 30, 2006

Congressman resigns over inappropriate messages to 16-year-old boy

Congressman Mark Foley resigned from his Congressional seat on Friday after some explicit messages he had with a 16-year-old boy came out. Since 1995 Foley has represented parts of Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast.

According to the Sun-Sentinel...

A hallmark of his career as a congressman was his fight against child sexual abuse and child pornography. As co-chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, he bragged in 2005 about legislation he wrote that overhauled national sex offender registration and notification laws.
That's....Ironic isn't the word I want to use.

It's twisted. It's so very twisted.

Foley released a public statement. "I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent," he said.

I'm sure he's not as sorry as all the people that voted for him are. Or the Republican party which is seeing yet another Congressional seat slipping from their grasp.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kottkamp Doesn't Remember the "Flag" Part of the "Flag Bill."

Five years ago Charlie Crist's pick for lieutenant governor, Jeff Kottkamp, co-sponsored a bill that would allow the flying of the Confederate flag to continue. Kottkamp, however, wants that issue swept under the rug.

According to a column from the Orlando Sentinel...

What Kottkamp said when reporters asked him last week about the bill -- a bill that he co-sponsored, mind you -- was: "I don't even remember the flag being mentioned."
Wow, Kottkamp's selective memory is fascinating. If my selective memory was that good I would be able to forget about my taste in music from when I was in middle school.

And really, claiming that he doesn't remember the flag being mentioned in the bill is ridiculous. One would think that someone from his camp would have told him to at least pretend to say something sincere. He's a politician, pretending to be sincere should come easy to him.

A 13-Year-Old Vote Comes Back to Haunt Crist.

The St. Petersburg Times wrote that in 1993, then Senator Charlie Crist voted against a bill that would raise the fee that gun owners would have to pay for a criminal background check.

It was an especially controversial vote because, according to the article, "some of the money might have been used to buy bulletproof vests for police."

The Democratic Party is also quick to note that Crist was the only person in the legislature that voted against the bill.

"Inexcusable," the Florida Democratic Party said, calling Crist "the only lawmaker to vote against bulletproof vests for police."
You can bet you won't see Crist talking about that in any of his many commercials.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Charlie Crist: Governor of...Facebook???

Facebook gets political.

One of the newest features at the popular website Facebook is the Campaign 2006 issues. People who are members of the site can now show their "friends" the candidates that they support and the issues that they believe in.

According to the Orlando Sentinel....

On Tuesday afternoon, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist had 54 percent of the Facebook vote, while his Democratic opponent Davis had 46 percent of the vote. A little more than 3,000 Facebook users have listed their preference in the governor's race.
So, if the election were held this past Tuesday, and if the only votes tabulated were on Facebook, Charlie Crist would have won. I'm sure he's very proud of that.

Then again, almost 8,500 people on Facebook believe Stephen Colbert should be President, so I'm thinking that Facebook isn't exactly the place to go to see who's doing better in the polls.

Of course, what do I know? I would vote for Stephen Colbert.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

High Priority?

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Charlie Crist is getting $1 million from The Republican Governors Association for his run for Florida governor. It also means he's getting more money for his campaign than any other Republican running for the governor's seat in the country.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is head of the Republican Governors Association, said that Crist winning Jeb Bush's seat was a high priority.

"We've got a couple of others [states] that are in this category. But nobody is higher than Florida," Romney said.
Really? I mean, I understand that Florida carries a lot of electoral college votes and I suppose most would consider the Florida governor seat more powerful than, say, the governor of Rhode Island, but if I were a Republican I would think that a higher priority would be getting the votes all over the country. I suppose that sounds idealist of me and simplistic but I'm not a politician, nor am I Republican, so I can be idealist and simplistic.

In a time when most of the country has become disillusioned by the Republican Party, I would think they would make more of an effort to show that they care about the country as a whole instead of caring about one or two states.

At the very least they could fake their caring about the other states. Is that too much to ask?

Breaking News: Florida has Corrupt Politicians.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, put out its list of the most corrupt members of Congress. And congratulations go out to Florida for not having just one member of Congress on the list, but two.

It almost goes without saying that Katherine Harris made the cut. The other is Congressman Tom Feeney.

Beyond Delay gives summaries of all the members of Congress who made the list and describes their corrupt activities.

Tom Feeney, it seems, doesn't like to "disclose" information on his rental property and traveling around on someone else's dime.

Katherine Harris
likes her dinner companions to spend a lot of money on dinner. A lot.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Maybe she's just preparing herself for all the votes she's not going to get

Katherine Harris doesn't like to vote.

Well, that's sort of ironic.

The article states that Rep. Harris has missed 13 out of 14 votes between September 5th and September 13th. Harris' spokesperson explains...

“She’s a retiring member of Congress running for U.S. Senate. She’s got to balance numerous things.”
I guess when someone starts running for Senate they forget their civic obligation as an elected official to do the job they were voted to do.

I'll tell you what she hasn't fit into her schedule. Updating her blog.

But to be fair to Harris, the article also added this little tidbit...

A database maintained by the Washington Post indicates Harris ranks 35th out of 435 House members, having missed 101 votes, or 9.3 percent, during her time in Congress.
So, it's not so bad now since there are so many other members of Congress who don't like to do their jobs, either.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

And the word of the day is....

Jeb Bush was busy this week. Well, busy being critical of other politicians. Which is funny considering it's Jeb Bush. To quote Gob Bluth from Arrested Development, "COME ON!"

The Miami Hearld quoted Bush as saying...
``Name one thing that Jim Davis has done as a congressman. There's a pause, because I don't remember the Davis bill. I don't remember a lot of policy being made under the auspices of Congressman Davis.''
He also referred to Davis as being one of the ''most ineffective'' members of Congress. If Davis is so "ineffective" I have to wonder why the people of Florida voted him into office 5 times.

And really, Jeb, I would talk to your brother if you want a good example of "ineffective."

Republican Women's Club of Sarasota? Now there's a group of party people.

According to the Hearld Tribune Katherine Harris was at a Republican Women's Club of Sarasota luncheon and said...

"We're going to run a race now that I will be able to unite all races, all
faiths, all walks of life in this race because we are all Floridians,"
Feel free to take a couple minutes to laugh. It's okay. I'll wait......

It's a particular hilarious statement considering what she said a little over a week ago. Remember that?

It's going to be pretty hard for her to unite Floridians when she's already alienated so many of them.

In other Katherine Harris news: Her blog? Still not updated.

She must be too busy uniting all those Floridians.
Or getting botox.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

There's no award for 48th place

Orlando Sentinel recently ran an article saying that Florida's SAT and ACT scores were among the lowest in the country. In fact, Florida is in 48th place only coming in before South Carolina and Georgia. Maybe next year out score Pennsylvania and move up to 47th place.

Governor Jeb Bush said, "Florida's high-school students know that taking rigorous coursework and college-entrance exams helps prepare them for the challenges of college and the work force."

Yes, because every student needs to know what "Obfuscate" means.

Look it up.

Katherine Harris has just gone from "Katherine Harris crazy" to "Mel Gibson crazy."

From Urban Dictionary...

Katherine Harris crazy
(n.) As insanely optimistic as Congresswoman Katherine Harris. Usually characterized by an overly optimistic estimation of someone's chances of achieving success.

Did you hear Jim just bought 500 dollars in lottery tickets? That boy is Katherine Harris crazy if he thinks he's going to hit the jackpot.

And in other "Katherine Harris is crazy" news, she recently said that if the voters don't vote for "true" Christians, than the elected officials are going to "legislate sin." (cue scary movie music here)

Yeah, okay. Because so-called "true" Christians are never hypocrites. Especially the ones in politics.

She said that if leaders happen to not be Christian, "then average citizens who are not Christians, because they don't know better, we are leading them astray and it's wrong."

Ignoring the fact that it's a poorly worded statement, it's the "they don't know better" that makes it art.

Listen Kitty, ignorance isn't Christian. I'm not sure if you know this but we live in the United States and are free to practice any religion we want. But more importantly, we respect those who practice religions we don't. And as a Christian, I find these statements not only stupid but offensive.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tramm Hudson Drowns in his Racist Comments

A lot of politicians are apologizing for idiotic remarks lately.

And while the controversy over Florida Congressional nominee Tramm Hudson's comments that "blacks don't know how to swim" happened a couple weeks ago, but I didn't have this blog a couple weeks ago and it's only fair that I take this opportunity to say that Tramm Hudson is an idiot. By now we all know that he is. Actually, he's a racist idiot. It's important to make that distinction. I don't want to insult any idiots out there who are not racist.

Also, what is up with the Florida's 13th? Hudson is running for Katherine Harris' congressional spot. Is there something in the air in the 13th district that just makes all the crazies come out of hiding?

Hey, Tramm. Don't look now, but that's water above your head.

"Dear Diary, today I thought my facial expression changed. I was wrong. Love Kitty"

I wasn't planning on writing my first entry on Katherine Harris, but what can I say. She gives me a lot to work with.

I was looking around Congresswomen (yeah, it makes me sad, too) Harris' website looking for anything that could be substantially mockable. I was about to give up due to the fact that the picture on the top of the page with her tight face and vacant eyes was, to be honest, kind of scaring me. But I saw that she had a blog so I clicked on it because I like a good laugh as much as the next person.

Imagine my surpirse when I saw there was nothing to laugh at. In fact, there was just nothing. All it says is, "This section will be updated soon, please check back in a few days." That was written on May 29th. I feel bad for that lonely Katherine Harris supporter who keeps going back to that site eagerly awaiting an update. If she still has any supporters. It's hard to support a women who loses staff like George W. loses approval ratings.

I will make it my job to announce to you when Katherine Harris updates her blog. Because weirder things have happened. Like Katherine Harris getting elected to Congress.