Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where exactly do you live, Charlie?

Apparently Charlie Crist doesn't know who his congressman is.

The Naples News posted an Associated Press story that said that Charlie Crist claimed that Jim Davis was his districts congressperson, when he is not. Crist lives in Saint Petersburg and his congressperson is actually Rep. C.W Bill Young. Davis represents Tampa.

Both gubernatorial nominees quickly responded.

Josh Earnest, communications director for Davis said...

“Charlie doesn’t know who represents him in Congress, and Florida’s families haven’t been able to count on Charlie to represent them in Tallahassee.”
Erin Issac, press secretary to Crist responsed...
“Charlie Crist is frustrated because Jim Davis allegedly represents Tampa Bay and he didn’t show up for work.”

Is this a petty argument? Yes. But it's politics. That's the norm. Maybe next week they'll actually argue over something like...Oh, I don't know. Education, perhaps?


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