Thursday, October 05, 2006

Voting issues? In Florida? Never.

A vote for Foley is a vote for Negron.

Let's quote the Miami herald right off the bat.
The state is recommending that election supervisors in the eight counties constituting Foley's district send notices to absentee voters and post signs in every voting booth that say, ``Any vote cast for Mark Foley (REP) shall be counted as a vote for Joe Negron (REP).''
You almost have to feel bad for Joe Negron. I imagine one day he's just sitting at home, doing whatever it is that he does, and all of a sudden he's asked to run for a Congress because the guy from his party that was suppose to run is a pedophile and it turns out that other people in his party knew all about it for years.

I mean, talk about added pressure.

Now with only a few weeks until the election, Foley's name is still going to be on the ballots, but Negron has that reassurance that a vote for Mark Foley is actually a vote for Joe Negron.

I'm sure that make him feel so much better.


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