Saturday, October 07, 2006

To notice, or not to notice?

Now it's being reported that the notice informing voters that Joe Negron is running in place of Mark Foley will not be sent to absentee voters.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, about 200 absentee ballots were already sent with the notice, but they will not be included in any others.

The Democrats had concern over the planned notice because they felt it would give Negron an unfair advantage in the race. But in my mind, I would think it would have the opposite effect. And I alluded to my thoughts on this in my last entry.

Although Negron hasn't done anything wrong, his name appearing on the same notice as Mark Foley's could put him at a disadvantage. I don't claim to be a political expert, but I think so many people are disillusioned over what happened with Foley that they don't even want a Republican in the seat and just seeing his name on the ballot will be a turn off in voting for Negron. And it doesn't help that no one really knows who Joe Negron is or that he's running. Although, to the Democrats credit, being able to get rid of the notice will help them win the seat.


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