Friday, October 27, 2006

If I start kicking puppies, I'm just going to blame alcohol.

Is there something in the water in Florida that just makes politicians do dumb things? I realize the water has a brownish tint and all, but still, does it have the power to make adults say horrible things? It boggles the mind.

The news that Rep. Ralph Arza is a racist is sending shockwaves throughout the state. The Miami Herald said that the Democrats that hold office in the Florida House of Representatives are threatening to walkout if Arza isn't removed from his office. This comes after Arza left a message last Saturday on Miami Rep. Gus Barreiro's cell phone. The message was filled will racial slurs and profanity.

And because, apparently, blaming your problems on alcohol is "the new pink..."

Arza has publicly apologized for the remarks, saying he has problems with anger management exacerbated by alcohol.
Well, a drunk racist is still a racist.


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