Friday, October 27, 2006

I voted for it...before you accused me of voting against it.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Charlie Crist has started to run an ad that is trying to link Jim Davis to Castro. Which is stranger to type than to read. And Crist has enlisted a special celebrity friend to help him out. Senator Mel Martinez is lending his service in the ad and says,

"This is Mel Martinez. While Jim Davis traveled to Cuba to meet with officials in the Castro dictatorship and utilized his position in Congress to oppose sanctions against the Havana regime, Charlie Crist was working for our families. Charlie Crist never has supported an increase in taxes and has always defended consumers' interests. That is why it is so important for all citizens of Florida to vote for Charlie Crist, the next leader of our state."
With friends like Mel Martinez, who needs a propagandists media team. Although, the media team probably wrote Martinez's little script, so scratch that thought.

Davis was quick to respond...

"I have voted six times to support the embargo, so if the ad says I voted against the embargo, it's a lie. I went down to Cuba to see with my own eyes the misery and suffering of the Cuba people. I came back more determined than ever to defend the people of Cuba."
Okay. Maybe Davis can get Bill Nelson to say that for him in a commercial of his very own.


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