Sunday, September 10, 2006

Republican Women's Club of Sarasota? Now there's a group of party people.

According to the Hearld Tribune Katherine Harris was at a Republican Women's Club of Sarasota luncheon and said...

"We're going to run a race now that I will be able to unite all races, all
faiths, all walks of life in this race because we are all Floridians,"
Feel free to take a couple minutes to laugh. It's okay. I'll wait......

It's a particular hilarious statement considering what she said a little over a week ago. Remember that?

It's going to be pretty hard for her to unite Floridians when she's already alienated so many of them.

In other Katherine Harris news: Her blog? Still not updated.

She must be too busy uniting all those Floridians.
Or getting botox.


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