Friday, September 15, 2006

Maybe she's just preparing herself for all the votes she's not going to get

Katherine Harris doesn't like to vote.

Well, that's sort of ironic.

The article states that Rep. Harris has missed 13 out of 14 votes between September 5th and September 13th. Harris' spokesperson explains...

“She’s a retiring member of Congress running for U.S. Senate. She’s got to balance numerous things.”
I guess when someone starts running for Senate they forget their civic obligation as an elected official to do the job they were voted to do.

I'll tell you what she hasn't fit into her schedule. Updating her blog.

But to be fair to Harris, the article also added this little tidbit...

A database maintained by the Washington Post indicates Harris ranks 35th out of 435 House members, having missed 101 votes, or 9.3 percent, during her time in Congress.
So, it's not so bad now since there are so many other members of Congress who don't like to do their jobs, either.


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