Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kottkamp Doesn't Remember the "Flag" Part of the "Flag Bill."

Five years ago Charlie Crist's pick for lieutenant governor, Jeff Kottkamp, co-sponsored a bill that would allow the flying of the Confederate flag to continue. Kottkamp, however, wants that issue swept under the rug.

According to a column from the Orlando Sentinel...

What Kottkamp said when reporters asked him last week about the bill -- a bill that he co-sponsored, mind you -- was: "I don't even remember the flag being mentioned."
Wow, Kottkamp's selective memory is fascinating. If my selective memory was that good I would be able to forget about my taste in music from when I was in middle school.

And really, claiming that he doesn't remember the flag being mentioned in the bill is ridiculous. One would think that someone from his camp would have told him to at least pretend to say something sincere. He's a politician, pretending to be sincere should come easy to him.


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