Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Dear Diary, today I thought my facial expression changed. I was wrong. Love Kitty"

I wasn't planning on writing my first entry on Katherine Harris, but what can I say. She gives me a lot to work with.

I was looking around Congresswomen (yeah, it makes me sad, too) Harris' website looking for anything that could be substantially mockable. I was about to give up due to the fact that the picture on the top of the page with her tight face and vacant eyes was, to be honest, kind of scaring me. But I saw that she had a blog so I clicked on it because I like a good laugh as much as the next person.

Imagine my surpirse when I saw there was nothing to laugh at. In fact, there was just nothing. All it says is, "This section will be updated soon, please check back in a few days." That was written on May 29th. I feel bad for that lonely Katherine Harris supporter who keeps going back to that site eagerly awaiting an update. If she still has any supporters. It's hard to support a women who loses staff like George W. loses approval ratings.

I will make it my job to announce to you when Katherine Harris updates her blog. Because weirder things have happened. Like Katherine Harris getting elected to Congress.


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